At the end of January I decided to take a much needed break from work in Baltimore. I spent three days traveling through the New River Gorge region of West Virginia. I had only driven through this part of the state once, and always wanted to revisit. Knowing there was a good possibility of snow in the forecast, I loaded up the car with plenty of warm clothes, a shovel and
salt (just in case), a map, a 4×5 Cambo film camera and a Nikon digital camera.  I had a couple places in mind that I definitely wanted to visit, and everything else would happen spontaneously.  I must admit, driving through the vast snowy mountains of West Virginia was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. Pure white snow covered everything in sight.  I visited Babcock, Little Beaver, and Hawks Nest State Parks where I calmly took in the scenery, as it was really an incredible atmosphere, and a great change from my everyday surroundings.  The calm and quiet setting of West Virginia in the winter was an excellent choice for a short vacation.  I hope to return later in the year, when I can access some areas that were off limits due to the amount of snow on the ground.

Pamela A. Brumbley

WV Vacation Photo Contest-Country Road Cabins



About Country Road Cabins

Country Road Cabins has 19 deluxe log cabins available for rent in the spectacular New River Gorge region of southwestern West Virginia. The owners, Paul and Jennifer Breuer, founded Mountain River Tours (dba Adventures Mountain River), one of the first whitewater rafting companies to run the exciting New and Gauley Rivers.
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